Thank you everyone who contributed to the DARC Call for Proposals!

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The response to our call for proposals was truly tremendous and we want to thank everyone who took the time to send us a proposal. Over the course of just a few weeks we received nearly one hundred great submissions covering an assortment of interesting topics like comparative drone law, satellite recon, sensor journalism, and drone spotting. While we aren’t able to accept all of your great ideas, we greatly appreciate your contributions.

Notices to submitters are still going out, but the proposals we have accepted have been immensely helpful as we continue to develop our conference program. We’ve suspected from the start that there would be an incredibly broad spectrum of compelling topics to cover within the drone space, but the variety of topics we received were far beyond what we had imagined.

We’ve been working in earnest to put together the best program possible, but even at this early juncture it’s clear that DARC will have something for everyone, and that this will be a weekend of charting fresh new territory and exciting interdisciplinary learning.

Our law and policy focus runs the gamut from constitutional issues like drones and the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments; to innovation law and policy issues like mapping existing intellectual property and competition law frameworks onto the drone environment; to regulatory issues like implementing drone license plates and regulating public airspace and sky highways. And we’re working hard to pull together the definitive sessions on privacy, journalism, and aerial photography.

But this isn’t just a conference about law and policy. Makers, entrepreneurs and technologists will be at home at DARC as well, with a full “Intro to DIY Drones” track covering the best starter drones for hobbyists, more professional rigs for advanced users, and drone automation; as well as workshops around topics like drone journalism, value-sensitive design, and managing risk and insuring civilian drone uses.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a ton of new details, including some great new speakers and more information about the conference program.  Make sure you’re on our mailing list and following us on Twitter at @droneconference to keep up with the latest DARC news.

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