Call for Proposals: Drone Demo Show

afterdarkWe are excited to announce a limited number of presentation spots for researchers, technologists, hackers, and artists to show off cutting-edge current work related to aerial robotics. Accepted demo proposals will be given between four and twelve minutes at the drone demo show at the end of the first day of programming (tentatively titled “After DARC”).

You’ll be on the main stage in front of an in-house audience of hundreds and many more via live stream. Presenters will receive a full complementary three-day conference registration.

What we’re looking for?  We will give preference to live demonstrations of technology, interactive art, flight tests, and performances. However, we understand the difficulty of working in confined or unfamiliar spaces, necessity of specific sensors, etc so we’re also very open to more conventional talks / video presentations if they can be enlightening, entertaining, and give the audience a sense of where the latest technology is heading.

Safety & regulations

  • Stage will be surrounded by safety nets, soft floor
  • Each demo will need to pass a brief qualification review for on-stage presentation

Still unsure? If you’re working on a cutting edge drone or UAV-related technology that is real and demo-able, whether live or via recorded video, and you’d like to come to NYC to share it with an audience, please make a submission below. Same goes for any artist or hacker working on a piece that is related to drones or UAV’s–the work doesn’t necessarily need to incorporate actual drones, but the theme should be very central. If this sounds like your work, please submit it below.

DARC exhibition space In addition to the live show, we’ll also have exhibition space for displaying technology and art that will be set up for the first two days of DARC. If you have something you’d like people to see, please make a submission.

Please tweet about this CfP and send it to anyone who may have applicable work!

After DARC presenters have the spotlight on a dramatically lit stage at NYU’s gorgeous Skirball Center.aboutL

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