Meet the Guys Making Household Drones: Anderson and Seydoux

We are thrilled to announce that two of the most important CEOs in the consumer UAV industry will be speaking at DARC this October: Chris Anderson and Henri Seydoux! Heading up 3D Robotics and Parrot, respectively, they are making aerial robotics accessible to the masses – selling low-cost, ready-to-fly drones to enthusiasts around the world.


Chris Anderson is CEO and founder of 3D Robotics, a leading open source UAV technology company. He is the former editor of Wired and the Economist, and creator of the online hobbyist community DIY Drones. The DIY Drones community developed the Arduino-based ArduPilot, the world’s first universal open source autopilot.

3D Robotics’ most recent creation is Iris, a fully autonomous ready-to-fly quadcopter. Shipments of Iris begin on September 16th, so quadrotor enthusiasts will have time before DARC to form some first impressions to share!

Henri Seydoux is the chairman, CEO, and founder of Parrot. Parrot makes the the most popular consumer UAV in the world: the AR Drone. Seydoux is also a partner at H2i Technologies.

Parrot launched the AR Drone in 2010 and since then has sold around half a million units. Parrot has made drones a mass retail proposition by focusing on the toy and hobby market, though it has recently expanded its interest into commercial drones with the acquisition of Sensefly. We’re also excited to report that Parrot is sponsoring DARC’s Hack Day on Sunday, October 13th at NYU ITP (details to come).

Anderson and Seydoux are two of the most important names in consumer UAVs today, and it’s an absolute privilege to have them join the conversation at DARC. We can’t wait to hear what Chris and Henri have to say. Don’t miss it!
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