Can I Bring Or Fly a Drone at DARC?

Can you bring a small unmanned aircraft to DARC? Yes! And we encourage it, very strongly.

Especially on October 12th. On October 12th, there will be a small room adjacent to the auditorium reserved for casually hanging out. You can share or display things you’ve built, manufactured, or designed there.

Can you fly your small unmanned aircraft to DARC? Probably not. There are only two acceptable flying times:

  1. Onstage during the Friday night drone demo show. We’ve got a protective net to keep people safe. If you want to fly during the show, get in touch.
  2. Sunday, at ITP, during the Nodecopter hackday. You can fly AR Drones only.

Long story short: bring your small unmanned aircraft, show it off, and have a good time! But don’t fly it.

This has been your daily safety briefing from the team at DARC. Register today!

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