Drone Journalism at DARC, and thanks to the Tow Center at Columbia University

The NYU Drones & Aerial Robotics Conference is thankful for the support of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University. Fergus Pitt of the Tow Center is chairing the DARC working group on Designing a Drone Journalism Mission, and the Center is graciously providing travel support to a number of journalists to attend the event.

Drone journalism is a burgeoning field, and we’re delighted to work with leading intellectual centers like Tow to understand the potential impact of UAVs on newsgathering. Earlier this year, Tow convened a workshop on “sensor journalism,” inviting emerging experts on drone journalism. The DARC working group on designing a drone journalism will continue laying practical groundwork and best practices for news-gatherers by outlining a full plan for a “reference” reporting mission using UAS.

If you’re interested in drone journalism, you may also consider attending Ant Miller’s talk at DARC, in which he’ll discuss the BBC’s use of UAVs. You should also attend the UAVs and Journalism working group at DARC, with people like Nabiha Syed (founder of Drone U and UAS lawyer), Mark Corcoran & David Goldberg (authors of the Reuters Institute’s report on Drone Journalism), Matt Waite (founder of the Drone Journalism Lab), and many others.

October is a big month for drone journalism. Following DARC, the Drone Journalism Lab will host the first Drone Journalism Conference on October 23rd. Shortly after, the BBC will host the R&D & RAS SIG UAS in Broadcast Conference on October 31st.

Our thanks to the Tow Center for contributing to the exploration of this emerging field.

Join us October 11-12 at NYU Law— and don’t forget to register!

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