Missy Cummings – Closing Keynote at DARC

Mary (Missy) Cummings, former Navy fighter pilot and director of the Humans and Automation Lab (HAL) at MIT/Duke will close out the second day of DARC in preparation for the hackday on Sunday.


Missy’s research includes human supervisory control, human-unmanned vehicle interaction, collaborative human-computer decision making, and the ethical and social impact of technology. She has been an instructor for the U.S. Navy at Pennsylvania State University, and held professorships at Virginia Tech, MIT, and Duke University’s Mechanical Engineering Department and Institute for Brain Sciences.

After earning tenure at MIT, Missy recently finished a two-year sabbatical at the Office of Naval Research as the program manager for the Autonomous Aerial Cargo Utility System (AACUS).NECN story on iDrones

Check out other interviews with Missy on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

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