Tacocopter: The Untold Story at @DroneConference

phoneOrder your tacos on a smartphone. Beam in your GPS coordinates and deduct money from your bank account. An autonomous drone helicopter drops off the tacos at your house.

Too good to be true? Yes… and no.

When Tacocopter was declared a hoax by some in the media, the white hot star of the fledgling startup cooled, and became something more like a massive, slow-burning urban myth.

There are clearly some insurmountable barriers to making Tacocopter a reality. Such a business would be illegal, given current aerospace regulations. The economics aren’t favorable. The technology’s not quite there.

But at DARC, Dustin Boyer—one of the people behind Tacocopter—will explain that while the project was many things, it was not a hoax.

In fact, the project attracted significant interest from big business…

Tacocopter inspired a legion of imitators, like the Burrito Bomber and the Domicopter Dominos Pizza delivery drone. Both very clever marketing stunts.

But Boyer, who joined the project at the invitation of MIT roboticist Star Simpson (also attending DARC), was playing for real. The team was planning for a time when the economic and technical hurdles for Tacocopter could be cleared.

At DARC, he’ll tell the whole story. It’s stranger and more wonderful that you can imagine.  You should definitely be there.

Don’t forget to register—we’ll see you on October 11th!

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