The Most Advanced Drones Built By Humans

steve-gorevanHoneybee Robotics is a rare thing—a NASA spacecraft contractor in Manhattan.

At DARC, chairman Stephen Gorevan will talk about how Manhattan-based engineers are helping build the most advanced drones in the galaxy—drones that are operating semi-autonomously and off planet!

We’re talking, of course, of Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL). Goreven is a co-investigator on both projects, and the Chairman of Honeybee Robotics (a company he founded in 1983).

Mr. Gorevan has over 25 years of experience in leading advanced robotics and automation design, development, and implementation efforts for NASA, defense and industry. His responsibilities include new technology development, company and engineering management, design and systems engineering.

But he lives the most rewarding thing is the fact that his company helps build drones that explore space. And these drones help make historic contributions to human progress, like the recent discovery of water on Mars, which improve the odds that humans can someday colonize, or that there was once life on Mars. Or that there is life on Mars!  “I have kids,” he told the New Yorker. “I’m supposed to say I was happy when my kids were born.” But Mars exploration drones give him other reasons to be happy!

We are delighted to host Mr. Gorevan at DARC. Don’t forget to register today! DARC is less than two weeks away.

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