CEO of DJI Innovations North America to Keynote DARC


Colin Guinn, CEO of DJI Innovations, rounds out our slate of keynotes at the Drones & Aerial Robotics Conference.

In his talk, Colin will make the case for broad UAV use in civilian airspace. He will suggest strategies for carrying drone-positive momentum into the regulatory space and discuss the potential benefits of having autonomous robots fill the sky.

DJI is best known for producing a range of accessible, yet focused, rotary aircraft, such as the Phantom, NAZA, and Spreading Wings. Used by journalists from the BBC, photography enthusiasts, as well as activists and law enforcement alike, DJI’s product line bridges the gap between hobbyist, consumer, and professional. As a growing hardware company in a very new (and admittedly complicated) sector, DJI is keenly interested in seeing laws, public opinion, and a predictable regulatory environment harmonize together.

guinnOne of Colin’s challenges is convincing the world that the benefits of skies filled with robots outweigh the perceived ills. The public has expressed concerns with things like maverick drone operators, potential loss of privacy, malfunctioning robots falling out of the sky, and unchecked government power. While these concerns are all real, the potential social and economic benefits are compelling enough to make us ask: what is the best path forward?

We think Colin is a perfect fit for this keynote, as he’ll bring enthusiasm, candor, and entrepreneurial experience to the stage. Register now for a chance to hear DJI’s Colin Guinn.

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