Meet Chris Kippenberger, Drone Cinematographer from Germany

Chris Kippenberger might not be the kind of guy you’d expect to meet at DARC.  True, he modifies and builds his own drones. But for Kippenberger, UAVs are “strictly tools [for] creating a certain look.” Kippenberger utilizes drones to capture the subjects he is most passionate about. In many cases his subjects are of the four-wheeled variety.

Nobody makes as many beautiful, affordable, consistently interesting car videos as Kippenberger.”

Kippenberger’s high-style car videos work because they convey his personal passion for automobiles, but his enthusiasm for speed and motion isn’t limited to four-wheeled machines. Check out his short video entitled “Machine for Riding”:

The bike film is a passion piece since I am an avid bike enthusiast. It is one of my favorite pieces so far. ‘Machine for Riding’ captures the deeply spiritual cyclist moments, when rider, landscape and bicycle merge to that just perfect unity.” – Kippenberger

Kippenberger and his partner Marcus Gelhard developed a modified X650 quadrotor UAS that lets them capture these evocative moments at a dramatic scale, for a fraction of what a helicopter film crew would cost. Their design requires two operators – a pilot,  and a gimbal operator to control the camera angles. Gelhard pilots the team’s drone from a remote location while Kippenberger controls the camera and directs the shot. It’s just one example of how talented photographers and videographers around the world are harnessing the potential of small drones to create beautiful works of art.

See and learn more about Chris and his drone work at the Aerial Photography Working Group at DARC.

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