Aerial Photography

Aerial photography (AP) allows photographers to capture extraordinary perspectives of our familiar landscapes. Since the early days of ballooning, photographers have been capturing the “bird’s-eye view” of their surroundings. AP technology has come a long way since and has found applications in mapping, surveillance, military and law enforcement operations, environmental research, movie production, artistic expression, and recreation. Modern drone and camera technology gives us the ability to take photographs for pleasure through simple RC drone platforms or create massive aerial mosaics which capture incredible detail. As this drone technology becomes more available, and a commercial AP drone market opens up, photographers must work to use AP safely and responsibly.

by eschipul

This working group will draw together prominent AP drone users working in various contexts. The group will convene and develop a set of operational standards for commercial AP drone users, which we hope will serve as a basis for future guidelines. Such standards will cover safety, privacy, liability, local permitting, community notice, insurance, flight planning, and a code of ethics for AP drone users.