BlackSheep Versus the FAA, and the Myth of Commercial Drone Regulation

Raphael Pirker, co-Founder / Team Blacksheep Brendan Schulman, Special Counsel / KLN&F LLP

Team BlackSheep are the world’s best-known video drone pilots.  Self-described as radio-control “daredevils,” they have shot dramatic aerial videos of landmarks around the world from never-before seen angles.  Lead pilot Raphael “Trappy” Pirker now faces a $10,000 fine sought by the FAA for his drone flight at the University of Virginia.  In this Curated Talk, Raphael will introduce you to Team BlackSheep and his attorney, Brendan Schulman, will explain the case for the defense.  In this talk you will learn why, despite countless news reports to the contrary, there is currently no enforceable federal aviation regulation governing the operation of commercial or civilian drones.