Curated talks: Challenges & Opportunities of Safe Integration

A eclectic mix of expert talks about how drones are slowly filling civilian skies, and the challenges and opportunities of safe integration.


Standards Setting and Integration Process

Ted Wierzbanowski, chair ASTM F38 committee

Description forthcoming.



John DeLisi, NTSB

Description forthcoming.


Economic Test Sites for Drones

Eileen Shibley, CalUAS


Nomadic UAS Operation for Studying Severe Convective Storms

Eric W Frew, CU Boulder

In situ observations of severe convective storms have the potential to improve understanding of tornado formation and extended tornado warning time from 15 minutes to 1 hour. This talk describes nomadic field deployments of an unmanned aircraft system sampling severe convective storms.


Barriers to Integration: NASA’s perspective

Ed Waggoner, NASA

Description forthcoming.


Drones, Data, and Weather Monitoring

Robbie Hood, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Description forthcoming.