Creating a Social Movement Around Personal Drones: Drone User Groups and Hackerspaces

In the past year, a multitude of Drone User Groups and other community based organizations focussed on drone technology have sprung up, giving enthusiasts a forum to share, discuss, and hack on anything and everything drone-related. The movement bridges an important gap between the pure hobbyist drone user, to those interested in the anticipated market for domestic UAV businesses, to individuals working on UAS in a lab or research-based capacity.


The conversation will center around the role these types of communities can play in driving innovation and social acceptance of this technology as well as knowledge sharing for these communities, including: best practices for starting new groups, sustainability, national and international coordination between groups, and other issues related to growing this new movement.

This session will also include Bryan Galusha, leader of the San Francisco Drones Startup Meetup, as well as Chance Roth, leader of the San Diego Drone User Group.