Embedding Values in UAS Design

Values in Design is a way of considering human life that explores how the values we think of as societal may be expressed in technological designs, and how these designs in turn shape our social values.  In other words, technology is never neutral: certain design decisions enable or restrict the ways in which material objects may be used, and those decisions feed back into the myths and symbols we think are meaningful.  Physical objects we use on a daily basis shape the way we act: driving cars means we walk less; the Internet means we use our digital devices more.

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The integration of unmanned systems into civilian skies also means the integration of a new technology into our everyday lives, one that interacts with a diverse set of values, such as privacy, trust, security, safety, freedom of expression, community and respect.  This workshop will analyze the technologies behind the drone phenomenon (such as human-computer interaction, data flows, robotics, and mobile technologies) through the Values in Design lens and give makers and engineers an introduction into how to integrate these values into their designs.