Intro to Personal Drones II

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How does one transition from basics like LOS (line of sight) flight, to piloting an unmanned aerial vehicle?

It takes a team! The second workshop in our Intro to Personal drones series will be led by Team Grey Goose, a group of avid FPV pilots from the region. It will detail the systems and specific equipment involved in building and maintaining a viable multi-purpose UAV.

This passionate group of hobbyists will cover all you need to know in order to design, build, program, and troubleshoot the many interdependent systems on board – and on the ground. Topics include high definition aerial video capture, the revolution in brushless gimbal technology, GPS tracking and navigation, OSD (on screen display), telemetry, PID tuning, autonomous flight, UAV custom design/build strategies, RF (radio frequency) theory, and field tested common sense practices.