Intro to Personal Drones III

During this session, we will build on what was covered in Intro to Personal Drones II and put the “unmanned” in UAV. How do you move from remote control to automatous? This session will expose the technologies that make automating a UAV possible from a talented group of drone hobbyists. We will explore various platforms for automation, from open source kits such as DIY Drones ARDUPILOT platform and OpenPilot, to more expensive commercial platforms such as the WooKong Flight Controller. We will discuss some basic sensors and GPS that people are using for obstacle avoidance, methods of camera vision, as well as different protocols for communication. We will check out some amazing automated flying projects that people are working on both in the lab and in the field, and we will also touch upon the basics of automation in water and land drones.
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This session will explore the differences between OpenPilot and ArduPilot, and the open source possibilities to automating a UAV.