Curated Talks: War & Peace & Drones

A eclectic mix of expert talks about drones in war and in peacetime.


A Cold War Lesson for the RPA Future

R. Adam Gorrell, USAF Academy

An aircrew’s tragic story creates a sobering view of when technology evolves beyond the operator. RPA development must study this tragedy to understand the cost/benefit to operator control within the span of flight control and remote sensing methods.


Robots and Makerspaces

Andra Keay, Robot Garden

Description forthcoming.


PWN the Drones

Trevor Timm & Parker Higgins, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Description forthcoming.


Dispositions and Transformations

James Bridle, Dronestagram

James Bridle, the writer, artist and technologist behind the “Dronestagram” art project, will discuss how drones are used to alter time, space and law.


Drones for National Security: Myths and Reality

Abe Wagner, Columbia / UCLA

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly referred to as “drones” have been in use for various national security purposes since the mid-19th Century and are not a new concept, having been utilized for both surveillance purposes as well as weapons. New threats and technologies have brought about a generation of advanced drones which serve intelligence and combat purposes, often in hostile environments where the potential loss of American lives is severely limited and cost of operations is far less than alternative manned operations.